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Friday, July 24, 2009


It's so important, isn't it?

We've had a new respite worker coming to our home a couple of times a week. He's fantastic, Patrick adores him, and he just seems to teach by instinct. The best part is that older brother and I can spend some time together...working on school work, picking berries, visiting, etc.

Community support is wonderful too, when it's there. Once a week the boys attend a library camp (just for an hour) at the local library. They know us there, care for us, and I could imagine all the caring eyes watching Patrick while I sat in the corner and chatted with another mom. Both boys have been doing so well.

Not that life is perfect. Nor do I expect it. I do look back at the past few years and sometimes wonder how we made it through. In restrospect, the how is much less important (for me) than the fact that we did. But a big part of the how is the people around us all helping in their own ways, both big and small, to lift us up.

As school starts in the fall we'll face a whole new set of *gr 2* challenges. But isn't it wonderful that they're new ones?

School support is really where we hit the jackpot. We're very lucky (as I've heard such horror stories from other families who have to fight so hard to get the smallest supports) and I hope it continues. It's such a nice, small, rural, family-type school. All the teachers know Patrick and look out for him. The older students also know him and help out. The EA's are magnificent and give so much more than they need to. Even when a teacher might not be the perfect fit I've always found them to be willing to listen and learn and grow right along with us.

I've been known to grumble about lack of family support, having fewer friends post-diagnosis, etc. But after typing this out I truly realize how lucky we are to have such a wonderful support system in place. And I have to give a shout out to the friends who've stuck by're all awesome!


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