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Thursday, May 28, 2009

mum is back

Wow, that was one tough virus.

But, now I'm feeling better and so, on with life. Well, any parent will know that I never really did get a break from everyday life whilst I was sick. I must say, though, that my children were extremely helpful and understanding.

We're gearing up for a couple of camping weekends with Beaver Scouts/Cub Scouts. I'm a bit nervous about how Patrick will handle this new 'thing'. Older brother is old hat so he'll come out just fine. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. I'll be staying at the camp with Patrick so I'll try and get some pics to show.

School will be winding down soon. We go till almost the end of June but some of us less than stellar parents are taking out kids out early to go on vacation. We (the boys and I) are very excited.

Speaking of school. I've been doing a lot of trusting and they've been coming through. So, now comes the worry about class placement next year. He'll stay in a 'regular' class with EA support. It's been agreed that the amount of support will stay the same. We can't really discuss teachers because our enrollment numbers have decreased and so staffing will be changing between now and September. But, I have explained what kind of classroom environment I'm looking for as well as what peers I'd like to see with him (and conversely which ones I'd prefer he not be with) and I feel like I was heard. So, on with the trusting. I have a feeling we'll get the strict teacher who I absolutely loved when she tought older brother. I'll find out a week early in September so Patrick can come in and see his class and meet his teacher before the first day of school.

I'll do another post on older brother. He's not on the spectrum, we're pretty sure, but it turns out he might not exactly be "neurotypical" either.


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