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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Patrick's communication skills were at an all time (for recently anyway) low Thursday evening. He just wouldn't talk about 'it'.

I could navigate him through a conversation about school, about recess, etc. But as soon as I mentioned the bus he insisted he couldn't talk about it.

I never did get the full story. Older brother says nothing big happened. But something obviously made Patrick feel like he couldn't discuss it with me. I assured him I would not be upset nor would he be punished, I just wanted to know.

Anyway, I havn't been happy with the bus for a long time. There seems to be no expectation that the kids stay in their seats or behave in any certain way. Until there's an incident. Sometimes said incident involves Patrick and other times, not. I've complained and discussed it with the principal of the school. He went on the bus and talked to the kids and driver at some point and designated seats to each child. Doesn't really help if the driver can't keep them in their seats. And I do know that Patrick has been baited into behaviour by an older child a couple of times. I hate that and don't know what to do about it.

She's a new driver for us and I miss the old one.

For now, older brother has agreed that when his friend gets off the bus (early in the trip) he will sit with Patrick and keep him occupied by playing a game with him. Not a long term solution, for sure, but will help while we come up with a better game plan.

My mommy instinct wants me to just drive him to school. Again, mommy instinct seems to lean towards a stress free but not-quite-healthy way to get around a problem.


Blogger farmwifetwo said...

Since the EA's here opted to take their extra 30min at the beginning of the day, little boy goes in for 8:30 on the special ed bus. This allows for extra speech, OT, toiletting etc before school starts and the halls are quiet. I like this arrangement.

The eldest goes in on the regular bus. Like the little bus we are first in and first off. Our bus driver is my age but, she's done this for years and she takes no crap from them at all. She'll sit and wait half an hour if that's what it takes for them to shut up and sit down. They listen to her too. I've watched her shuffle them from the back to the front of the bus if necessary. Little's in the front, big one's in the back... unless you're in trouble and then you're in the front.

The bus has actually been the least of our issues with the school.

Sat Jan 23, 06:23:00 AM 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Sat Jan 23, 02:04:00 PM 2010  
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