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Thursday, August 28, 2008

PEI in all its glory...

...except the pics won't load. Ugh. First I can't get into blogger. Now I can get in but I can't post my vacation pics.

Hi everyone, we're baaaaaaaaack. We had a fabulous vacation. The boys were well behaved and we really got a chance to just sit back and relax. The ocean was loved by all. We even met a lovely young man who spoke to himself a lot whose diagnosis we didn't get (obviously, we only met him for a half an hour up in a lighthouse) but whose company was really enjoyable and his parents love for him was palpable. I hope to have that kind of happiness with my children as they grow older. I felt a connection as they didn't appologize for who their son was, and I didn't appologize for mine. Perhaps it was imagined on my part, but I'll enjoy it as a highlight of our trip anyway.

So school starts next week. After I get my vacation pics to load I'm planning on getting serious about back to school issues and I'll share it all here.


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