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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Counting days

We're all very excited about hubby's impending arrival. Well, ok, he's not getting here for another week or so but we're still very excited.

The first part of our summer was a bit stressful but we're on the home stretch now. When hubby does get home he'll be here 24/7 until just before school starts. Have I mentioned lately that they'll both be in full time school???*grin*

We're also going on our annual holiday. I'm really excited and so are the boys. It feels like the first year we're really prepared AND the boys are old enough to be excited and moderately well behaved.

Oh, and the huge aquaplex with monster waterslide might be getting Patrick's heartrate up a teeny, tiny, bit.

Anyone have any tips for the drive? Games we could play perhaps? We're splitting it up into two days, but it's still about a 17 hr drive (split into 11hr and 5-6 hr). The boys are good travellers but still this is the part I'm most concerned about. Luckily we're in no hurry, so if we see something interesting we can stop and if they really need to get out of the truck we can definately accomodate that as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Traveling with a portable DVD player and lots of movies helps M. Also, her MP 3 player with headphones. We used to travel without them and I must say adding those to our long road trips made things go way smoother.

We also buy Colorwonders. We don't play many games as a family in the car.

I am so glad your hubby is coming home for a time. I hope your vacation is lots of fun.

Thu Jul 31, 08:07:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Maddy said...

Go to the dollar store and spend! [Not something I advise very often as I am allergic to shopping]

Put each item in a brown lunch bag and store in the footwell of the passenger side. Dole out at 30 minute intervals. [sorry mother earth for the sorry use of paper]

Sun Aug 03, 05:01:00 PM 2008  

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