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Thursday, August 24, 2006

He's gonna be MAD

Last day of swim lessons. Might as well be the end of the earth. Patrick is going to be so upset. I've been trying to explain to him that lessons are all done and we'll be saying bye to A(his instructor) but he really doesn't understand past or future tenses. So I'm pretty sure it's not sinking in. He might realize after we're leaving the pool today or he might not realize it until tomorrow when we don't go to lessons as usual.

This is a big frustration around here. Well meaning people are always asking me "did you talk about it a lot?". It could be the start of school, end of lessons, whatever it may be. But that strategy never works with Patrick.

An example. We were planning to take a train ride with my grandmother. She asked Patrick if he'd like to do that sometime. Patrick said yes and went and put his sandals on. As in to go to the train right now. And everytime we 'discussed' it he thought we were going right then. He wasn't trying to get us to go early or anything he actually thought that's what we meant.

The one thing that kinda works is a white board. Patrick can't read (he's 4) but I use written words anyway. It works for a day but not something that is any further away than that. I write numbers down the side and words like breakfast, to the truck, visit gramma etc. When each item is done Patrick gets to erase it. We look at it throughout the day on the days when we use it. It helps for things like waiting till after supper to do something.

Anyone know how I can develop his sense of past and future? When he does relay something from the past (this is new for him) he speaks in the present tense. Like "bring my bear to school" means that at some point last year he BROUGHT his bear with him to preschool. And he means it in past tense but can't seem to say it that way. So far all I do is make a conversation out of it and use the proper words myself and sometimes get him to repeat it. His speech therapist will help us with this I think eventually.

Sorry about the rambling today. I just followed whatever thoughts were in my head.


Blogger Tara said...

I ramble all day long- no worries with that. Littleman still struggles with the concept of time.
I have stopped "coaching" him too much about some upcoming events or he will perseverate about it until it is time to walk out the door.
I think you are on the right track with visuals- before Littleman could read I used pictures on a schedule board to help him follow along with his day. Good Luck.

Thu Aug 24, 01:44:00 PM 2006  

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