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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A follow up of yesterday's post

After reading the comments, I felt the need to come back and explain a bit.

Patrick, when he goes to Gr. 1, will still have an IPRC and an IEP. The LST will still be following him closely. But we've agreed to give him a chance to not have an EA following him all the time. He's not having any problems with reading or writing or speech. He's not getting any extra support for those things in school right now anyway. He gets pulled for OT and I'm not sure if he'll need it next year or not. If he needs it, he'll have it.

He still needs help with transitions which they're going to work into the schedule. They've agreed with me that he needs a dedicated teacher (just to keep an eye on him) on the school yard when he's out there. Obviously in the next months there will be discussions, negotiations, etc. with everyone involved including the Gr. 1 teacher. A level of direct support will be agreed upon with his best interests being the main focus. I have yet to have a discussion with the LST that doesn't start with her saying "What do you think Patrick needs?" or "I think it's in Patrick's best interest..." or "Patrick will definately need...."

It's not even that Patrick appears normal. We all know he's not. But he doesn't seem to need that full time one-on-one support that he's had the past two years. The only thing Patrick has different than any other child in his classroom is that an EA is in the class because of him. She's not even in the same area with him most of the time anymore. I've observed him in a group with other children and just the teacher. I think about this stuff every day. His needs, his progress, his support...It's not a decision I'm going into lightly.


Blogger Marla said...

I am sure you know what the right thing for Patrick is. It sounds like it is his time to be without the aide. It is pretty hard to fight to keep one when they are not needing them the majority of the time.

I do hope they follow through on the dedicated teacher during recess time. That can be a tough part of the day for our kids.

Sounds like you are doing a terrific job advocating. I hope everything continues to go well.

Wed Mar 05, 05:23:00 AM 2008  
Blogger farmwifetwo said...

I have been there... and I have realized that "today" and "tomorrow" are not the same. Which is why I recommend you NEVER sign consent... they may pull it, but you'll never get it back if you've consented. And I'm not talking about Russ... I'm talking about NVLD... the highest functioning autism on the spectrum. So... I am trying to get you to realize that difference, I can introduce you to those with ADHD kids with the same "had I known in Gr 1, that now in Gr 3/4...." They grow... things change.

Greg can decode words at a Gr 12 level. This year his language has caught up to him - thank goodness for PDD.. the LST now must work on that skill. Word problems/abstract thinking all difficult for ASD kids is #1 in Gr 3. Greg has spoken clearly since SK, has a Photographic Memory most people would love to have - can do up to the 12x's tables in his head, and divide the other way and is mastering long division at home - which isn't in the Gr 3 curriculum. I would love to have Speech once more. There are language problems that crop up. 1hr/wk with an LST isn't sufficient - he gets pulled out of class thereby missing class, he now gets pulled to work on "Write out Loud" therefore missing class. He gets pulled out to work on the EQAO - and he gets a scribe, redirection and his own room to write it - all b/c of PDD. 30min/wk with a tutor isn't sufficient. Homeschooling 30min this morning and 30min this afternoon with buses cancelled isn't sufficient.

Just b/c you can manage and cope in a classroom doesn't mean you are learning everything that's being taught. And that's what I fought for, that's why I spent 18mths getting a proper dx for him. That's what the PDD teacher has explained to the school and they now understand exactly what he's missing. Thank goodness for a proper admin once he started Gr 2 b/c before it was "just a learning disability"... what happens when your Principal gets changed???

Yes, starting SK and Gr 1 he had no problems, and no he didn't need full-time support. But if someone had given him that little bit of 1:1 as required - in the classroom, even just over Language Arts class - over the last few years.....

Just remember... they age... and their friends faster.

Oh, and the IEP - is only a guideline - unless you get modification and as long as he is coping he won't - and the IPRC only keeps him in the classroom unless you can get the OT or the SLP to write an Rx for specialty materials... like Russ' pillow... and if you've lost those services and don't even get consult.. And if he prints correctly he will lose OT and if he has Sensory problems (and that too may change as he ages) he cannot get the OT back unless he has printing problems. AND, that's Provincially not School Board rules. I can show you the documentation online if you wish. Why?? B/c Greg's handwriting is atrocious, we can get the OT assessment to allow us the Rx for the sensory pillow which we hope will help with the fidgets.

Enjoy.... I am not parting with help without a fight... EVER. B/c I could, I could say "oh he's fine"... and most of the time he is... but why would I part with access to the PDD Teacher, LST etc. Most days are fine, but then they hit a snag... something you don't notice every day... and whammo... problems - academic not behavioural usually. And you know the biggest one... doing his classroom work.. it's not that he can't... it's that he's in a rush or something catches his attention. He now has a strip on his desk to help with just that task. Only b/c PDD said so.

Sheri - who's yes, maybe making you feel guilty... but things change, and once it's gone.. you are S-O-L without more Dr's appts, and proof (like a $2000 psychometric assessment) to get it back. DO NOT CONSENT and get it in writing.

Wed Mar 05, 07:45:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Casdok said...

Where our kids are concerned i dont think we do anything lightly.

Wed Mar 05, 11:07:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Marla said...

How are you doing? Advocating can be draining. I hope you are getting some time to yourself. Hugs.

Fri Mar 07, 05:10:00 AM 2008  
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