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Friday, September 05, 2008


Older brother came home with an interesting story. Apparently a friend of his was in the bathroom and saw Patrick there. Patrick is, I think, fascinated by urinals. Which would be fine except he pulls his pants and underwear right down to his ankles. Um, not ok in a public bathroom. I'm talking with him about using a stall, making sure he doesn't pull his pants down until he gets in and pulls them back up before he opens the door. Hmmm, this should make an interesting note to the teacher on monday!

End of week one and only positive things reported from the school. Also, Patrick is reporting that school is 'lots of fun'. I had an impromptu meeting with the spec ed teacher and she says he's doing wonderfully. The autism team will be coming in to make sure the classroom is meeting his needs. The litmus test, for me, will be when I meet face to face with his teacher. I'll be able to tell, I think, if she "gets it". That will be what I neeed to relax.

I've been doing some thinking about the future. Wondering what high school will look like (when surely he won't want his mom butting in all the time). Thinking about how we would support him if he does end up living independantly, where he might go if he can't quite be independant, if he lives with us till we die then where would he go.....ya know, really light stuff that doesn't effect your sleep quotient at all. *laugh*

I'll leave you with this...Patrick and teacher in class as reported by the EA.

"Ok, so now we'll be having our snack, gym, then we'll be going home."
"But, when do we get to play?" in a quiet, sad, little voice.

Poor kid. We aren't in kindergarten anymore Toto!


Blogger Niksmom said...

Wow, you know, until I read this post I don't know that I would ahve considered the need to teach appropriate bathroom behavior to that degree. Well, in my defense, Nik is still in pull-ups! Thanks for the food for thought.

And yes, it must be a difficult transition for any child from the world of play-based learning to book-learning and more structured environments. Hope he finds the play in gym time! :-)

Fri Sep 05, 03:34:00 PM 2008  
Blogger farmwifetwo said...

Last year just as soon as the little one was "trained" they started sending him to the washroom with the other kids. He stopped sitting at home, which adds to the already existing constipation problems.

I found out and went up and over the wall... semi-nicely. He's back in the handicap bathroom... give me a break.

"We wanted him to learn independance"... DUH!!! He is independant, but he needs quiet and he needs to sit. He won't be 7 until December... just b/c he's as tall as his nearly 9yr old bro doesn't make him 9. The goal is to get rid of the EA and the Mama won't help them there.

Eldest got an EA this year, GRADE 4.. don't fall over in shock. She's there 30min in the morning and after each recess/lunch/end of day to help plan his life for him. SHOCK!!! We haven't had one since the shared one in JK.


Sat Sep 06, 05:20:00 AM 2008  

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