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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A busy day

We've been stuck in the house too much this week. Definate cabin fever. So today we went all out.

We started at the library...except the library was closed. *sigh* Patrick does not like a change in plans but he compensated well. So we went to the park. The kids had a blast and amazingly enough we met the one little girl from his preschool class who will be in his kindy class this year. They had a great time although Patrick didn't really play with her has much as around her. Nobody got hurt though and that's a successful outing for us.

I decided we deserved a treat so we went to Subway for lunch. Patrick ordered a turkey sandwich. We were at the right mall so we decided to get the weekly groceries done too. The boys were great. Patrick even had a conversation with the cashier. Not sure if she understood it but he certainly did. You could see the pride on his face.

We almost went shoe shopping for school next week but decided not to press our luck. He's a bit wound up now that we're home but nothing too bad. I'm going to put Raffi on while we make supper.

"Baby Beluuuuuga, oh baaby Beluuuuga".


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Blogger Tara said...

That is a successful day for sure!
Sometimes the planets align, the weather cooperates and the powers that be shine on us and all is well.
You deserved a really nice day like this!

Thu Aug 31, 03:46:00 PM 2006  

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