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Monday, March 17, 2008

Adult Conversation

Due to a cataclysmic cosmic convergance (say that three times fast) I found myself without children Saturday night. I also found myself in reciept of an adult birthday party invitation.

Yes, this is a non-fiction account.

I went to a party! A lovely old friend from high school who I've recently been in contact with again was having a joint birthday party and I was invited. The grin on my face when I realized I would be able to go was a mile wide. So not only did I get to talk to adults, play games with adults, eat with adults and have great conversation (with said adults) but I got to spend time with a dear friend and wish her a proper happy birthday.

I will admit my sleep quotient has been disturbed. But, oh my, it was well worth it.

Lets see, details. She looked fabulous. There were lots of great munchies, including my preferred foods of canteloupe and strawberries. Yum. I rocked at the silly putty pictionary game we played...and laughed a lot. I won a wind up flipping cow figure that is keeping the kids occupied as we speak. I talked with perfect strangers who were so friendly. And I got to see my friend (and make sure she knew that I hoped we see each other again soon).

A perfect night. Amazing what can be dropped in your lap when you least expect it and most need it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I am so glad you were able to get out and have some fun with friends. Winning a flipping cow.....awesome!

Mon Mar 17, 06:00:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Casdok said...

Sounds great!!! :)

Tue Mar 18, 02:29:00 AM 2008  

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