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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Around here, we often measure success in little baby steps. Sometimes that makes it more frustrating. And sometimes a particular success is sweeter because of this scale of measurement.

Our respite/special needs worker had to cancel this week. This did leave me hanging a bit (I won't be able to attend a parent's council meeting tonight) but it also provided us with an interesting opportuntity.

Last night, I took Patrick to Beavers planning full well to stay and take the place of his worker. Instead, with a sudden flash of insight, I walked up to a leader, said V isn't here today but I'm sure you'll be fine, had a bit of laugh about how some of the other boys are worse behaved than my son, and left!!! My heart was pounding. I was so proud that in that conversation I wasn't at all appologetic. I pay for him to go to Beavers. They have 4-5 leaders. Surely this would be fine, right? Right?

You bet your bottom dollar it was all right. I asked the leader afterwards how it went. He has ALWAYS been supportive and has actually suggested before in the past that I might want to leave him for a certain activity. He said, and I quote, "He didn't need any more attention than any of the other boys. He was just fine." (Notice that he didn't say he wasn't 'acting autistic' or that he was 'normal' or anything like that.)

It was so hard to leave him but I'm so glad I gave us both this opportunity to experience success. This won't be a weekly thing just yet but how proud am I that occasionally, if we really needed to, we could allow him this little bit of independance.


Blogger Niksmom said...

That not-so-baby step is tremendous! I'll bet it feels good, too! :-)

Thu May 01, 08:06:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Baby steps here too!

Thu May 01, 09:31:00 PM 2008  

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