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Monday, September 08, 2008

The first incident

Might as well come out with it. It's driving me crazy. Patrick was in a fight at school today. *sigh*

I'm still getting the details, but it sounds to me like Patrick threw the first punch. There may have been a comment from the other child along the lines of "hey do you want to fight me?"

Patrick grinned and told me "I said yes". *double sigh*

How many times can you say to a kid "it's never ok to hit"?


Blogger farmwifetwo said...

Check your email

Mon Sep 08, 04:34:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Niksmom said...

Oh. Dear. Hope thigns get worked out.

Mon Sep 08, 05:52:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I hope everything goes okay. These things happen. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Mon Sep 08, 05:58:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Mom to JBG said...

Best wishes (my NT son is in a punching phase)

Sun Sep 21, 02:55:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Casdok said...

Untill it sinks in i suppose???
Sorry to hear this, hope this phase dosnt last to long.

Thu Sep 25, 09:24:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Maddy said...

Well around here, we have various similar phrases that are continuously circulating. I feel like a scratched record - oops that dates me.

I also know the 'torture' or 'waiting for details.'
Best wishes

Thu Sep 25, 04:02:00 PM 2008  

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