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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

...Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Thursday to everyone.

I've been off the radar...again. Sorry, things are just really tough single-mommy-ing it right now. Hubby was home for a few extra days but is gone again now till mid-January. The good news is that it looks like he'll be home for good sometime in the spring. Yay!

Christmas morning was an unqualified success. Patrick even leaned over to his older brother at one point and calmly said "I'd like to have one of those" and then went back to what he was unwrapping himself. Bless his little heart. There was no crying, no fighting, no excessive greed...they were really quite amazing. Sensory issues did not put up too much of a fight, nor did food ones.

A Christmas miracle for mum and dad! A lovely Christmas. I'm trying not to think about what the next week and a half will be like though till school starts.

P.S. I will update on the school situation in January. We are making positive progress. Some of my bigger issues were actually dealt with before the holidays. Something they have started that is really working is helping him frame his day before he comes home. An EA chats with him while he's getting ready to go for the bus and they talk about things that might have bothered him that day as well as remembering some good stuff. A whole week with this and he's no longer telling me that he has no friends, they won't play with him, he doesn't like school, etc. Yay. The school agreed that if he was feeling this way that something had to change. We did some watching to see if school was really that bad or if it was more a perception issue. Figured out it was a bit of both. So they're already helping him process his day and the teacher has done some in class social exercises with everybody with hopefully some more specific to Patrick social stuff to come in January.

Obviously there's still more to do. And my p.s. has turned into a full post. *grin*

Happy Christmas everybody!


Blogger Niksmom said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm so glad it turned out to be a good one! And the school stuff sounds like it holds some promise, yes?

Single parenting until mid January? I bow to you and send you wishes for energy!

All the best to you for a Happy New Year!

Sat Dec 27, 01:02:00 PM 2008  
Blogger A Bishops Wife said...


I found you from a post at "whitterer on autism".


Sat Dec 27, 02:25:00 PM 2008  

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