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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Day and Halloween

So both my boys left for school today looking like they were attending a wedding. They both like dressing up and it seemed really important to Patrick that he look 'handsome-ish'. Sometimes i wonder how they hire the photographers though. Several times I've just taken them to Wal-Mart and had pics done there instead. If this years' school pics don't turn out I think I might have dh set up a photo shoot here. What good is all that photography education and experience if he never uses it, right?

Halloween. Ugh. I finally bought some candy, just in case we get some trick or treaters (we're very rural and most years get zero kids) and I've eaten most of it. How ironic, since I've not been eating any processed or junky foods at all lately. Oi vey!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

School pics for M have always been beyond terrible! I always payed for the smallest package because I knew they would be poor.

I am so keeping the Halloween candy out of the house...or yes...I will eat all of it before the big day. Yum!

Wed Oct 22, 05:59:00 PM 2008  

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