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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Boogie

I spent the day at school with Patrick yesterday. It was felt by all of us (myself, the teacher, the EA) that it would be a very difficult day with the change in routine, the costumes, the excitement, etc.

He had a fabulous day. For one 30 min period I took him away from the competative games (relays and such) and took him to a quiet place to read. Other than that he participated fully and held it together the whole day. We didn't even have to leave early.

We were all so proud of him. Then of course came the trick or treating which also went well although we only go to about 10 houses. That certainly gives him enough candy since his honorary aunt and uncle also gave him a bag full of candy.

We have a hectic weekend ahead but we're on the right track.

Oh, my title. The best part of the day was during french class when the whole class, Patrick included, stood up and sang in loud voices the 'Halloween Boogie' song.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I am so glad it all went well. We went to about ten houses too and M brought home too much candy. There were not many kids out and at a few husbands they were just throwing in piles of candy.

Sun Nov 02, 07:00:00 PM 2008  

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