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Monday, November 05, 2007


My support system comprises mostly of my husband. It always has. Pretty soon, his job might require him to be away 3 weeks at a time and home for one...for about a year. This isn't common knowledge yet in the family, so if anyone is reading who I'm not aware of in our immediate family please don't mention it.

I'm not really worried about it that much. The money would be really good and it would put us in a good spot for me to start working when the boys are in school full time and for hubby to semi-retire. And honestly, since he works 60 hours most weeks anyway, it's just the evenings and weekends that we'd miss him. But the trade off would be 7 full 24 hour days where he'd be home with the family. Now that would be cool.

I wonder if I'm wrong not to worry about doing it all alone for so much of the time? I'm from a military family where dad would be posted North for 9 months and mom would take care of everything so maybe it's not as abnormal to me?

Who knows, maybe I'll collapse in a prostrate heap within the first 3 weeks. But I've grown up a lot in the last 10 years. I'd like to think I could handle it as long as I knew the end was in sight.

All I know is, if this happens I think I'll become best friend with my respite worker. I might even hire another.


Anonymous farmwifetwo said...

Hardest part is when they are home. I actually didn't mind the fact that he spent Sun out "farming". B/c underfoot our routine gets shook up.

I don't like overnights b/c I hate being alone in the middle of the night and there's one coming up in a couple of weeks. But honestly... we're so use to the extra-curriculars, farming etc... That the boys don't even notice. I too like the extra paycheque.

I do have the advantage that he's 95% of the time he's here for all 3 meals even if he has to go out.


Mon Nov 05, 11:15:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

That is terrific that you have a respite worker! Wonderful! My husband travels a lot too. We get into our own groove and do fine. My exhasution level increases and I am real tired by the time he returns. I am always reminded how much he helps when he is away which makes me miss him even more. The most difficult thing is the transition for our daughter who is autistic. We get into our own comftorable routine and when it changes upon his return we all struggle. She melts down pretty severe when he leaves and has behavior issues for a couple of days when he returns. We have tried many different things to help her with this but since she has little concept of time it is hard. Attitude is everything so it is good you have a positive attitude. We try and get out with friends in the evenings some and that helps.

Tue Nov 06, 07:39:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Casdok said...

I hope the years flys by for you. Your strong so will muddle through!

Thu Nov 08, 10:32:00 AM 2007  
Blogger frog ponds rock... said...

you will be fine...

Sun Nov 11, 03:35:00 AM 2007  

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