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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What to do?

This week Patrick has again been melting down after school. Yesterday I couldn't even get him off the bus without physically moving him. I have no idea why. School is going fine. It's possible he's tired but what can I do? How can I help him? He cries and screams and fights for over an hour and neither of us can get anything productive done. Yesterday I had to ask dh to bring supper home cause I wasn't even able to prepare anything.



Anonymous Tara said...

This same thing occurred for the entire month Owen was enrolled in school. I think one of two things usually happen-- the behavior after school evens out once a child fully makes the transition or... you have to immediatly redirect them once they get home and channel their energy into productive pursuits to short circuit the meltdowns. Owen was helped by redirection once he got home and having a specific plan to follow. Hope this helps!! I know it can be rough for a few weeks.

Fri Oct 06, 06:50:00 PM 2006  

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