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I'm a stay at home mom with two boys. Patrick is my youngest and has ASD.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finally another post

This getting into beta blogger through google had me in a bit of an annoying place lately but I've got it all figured out now...I think. I'm not exactly computer literate and I probably would have been find staying how I was. Oh well.

Things have been really great around here lately. Patrick is doing wonderfully in school. Parent/Teacher interviews are tonight. I'm not expecting any surprises. I talk to both boys' teachers almost every week.

An interesting note. Patrick and another boy got wrestling at school the other day (I was volunteering) so I got in the middle and put them both on chairs to talk to them. The aid came and took over and I walked away. She told me later the other boy tried to pin all the blame on Patrick. But she told him (and me) that Patrick hasn't gotten into any trouble lately unless someone else has instigated it. I was so proud of Patrick and happy that his teachers recognize that he's not a trouble maker. She had both boys tell her what they should do differently. It was great. There are a couple of boys in that class who like to pick at other kids and make trouble. Obviously we want to teach Patrick how to react appropriately but he's really not there cognitively yet. I'm just so relieved because I really did think Patrick would be blamed for everything since he can't speak up and tell what really happened and of course he has Autism so it must be his fault right? Wrong! Can you tell I'm really happy with this school and these teachers?