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I'm a stay at home mom with two boys. Patrick is my youngest and has ASD.

Monday, January 28, 2008

That's my baby...umm...I mean my big boy!

Patrick had his filling done today. He was fantastic!!!! So was the dentist but I just have to say... I AM SO PROUD OF MY BOY!

We started with the mask. Nice and slow. Helped that he thought it made him look like Darth Vader from Star Wars. We sat and chatted, the dentist talked to me, talked to Patrick. The oragel stuff (to numb the area) wasn't a big hit. Patrick HATES funny tastes especially ones associated with the dentist. He freaked out, the dentist had him rinse and spit and he calmed down after a few minutes. The needle for the freezing pinched of course. I held his hands gently and the dentist put a reassuring hand on Patrick's forehead and said "it takes 7 seconds, let's count" so they counted to 7 together while the dentist injected the stuff.

Then we told him the worst was over...and it was. His lip cracked a bit and he freaked but the dentist quickly swabbed it with vasaline and murmured in Patrick's ear that it would be ok. The drill didn't bother him at all and the dentist was very good at telling him what was going on and being honest about where we were in the whole procedure.

Of course he jumped up as soon as he was told it was over and ran to the treasure chest. Didn't look back just in case they wanted him back in that chair.

I'm really glad it worked out so well. The dentist said if we have to do it again (which we might for one other spot) it would take much less time because he knows exactly how Patrick reacts to certain things and he also knows the dosage for the gas. He didn't quite give him enough at first until I pointed out his resistance to meds in general. He also was on top of things enough to give him a second shot of freezing once the first one took just in case.

So, what else can I say. Yipee. This is a milestone I thought we'd never acheive.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dentist woes

We've always tried so hard to brush and floss Patrick's teeth. Well, it turns out I havn't been flossing enough at the back and he's got cavities. Baby teeth, but still they'll need to be fixed since he'll have them still for a while.

His cleaning went...ok. Much better than last time. Still not as good as the first time. They showed him the mask he would wear when he comes in for the filling. Good Lord, this is going to be a nightmare. For me anyway. Patrick is a bit curious because he thinks the mask makes him look and sound like Darth Vader. Hey, whatever gets him through it. I explained about "sleepy juice" to make it so that when the dentist uses his tools the teeth would be asleep and it wouldn't hurt. I'm thinking the "sleepy juice" ie. freezing will be the toughest part of this. Here's hoping he's relaxed enough from the gas.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

When the juggler drops a ball...

Ok, perhaps that's a bit overdramatic. I guess I'm feeling a bit fussed.

Librarian checks out Patrick's books followed by my own.

"My, you sure have your hands full don't you?"

"Well, actually considering he was diagnosed with severe autism at age 3 I'd say we're doing pretty well."

Exit library under astonished gaze of librarian.

Ha! I never say stuff like that. I was just so...irritated. He wasn't even being autism-y (can that be a word?) he was just trying to leave before I was finished with my books and of course I had to stop him. Isn't it amazing how there can be that thin veil of critisism in a comment, either real or imagined, that can just send you over the edge?

I can't even say I have a reason to be edgy these days. The boys have been great. Swim lessons fill our Saturdays and Star Wars and hockey games fill our nights. School is going well. Patrick has even learned to play Monopoly (the Jr version of course). Some major stuff is going on that I can't talk about yet but it's nothing bad or anything. Just a big change and a bit of adjustment for the family but not something we can't handle.

So, hubby is bring me home a treat (better be chocolate) and we'll sit and watch our boys play together (a new skill) and he'll probably tell me what a wonderful mom I am. He tells me almost every day and, a stretch of the truth or not, I have to admit that it sure takes the edge off.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Letting things slide

When was the last time we did "Handwriting Without Tears"? Can't remember. Flash cards for sight words? Weeks ago. Storytelling for speech? Months.

But we've been playing and laughing...does that count somehow? I think it does.

Ok, off the get the HWT books out......

Monday, January 07, 2008

When do you watch and see if they make it on their own?

This isn't big league. This isn't even big. This is teeny tiny stuff that drives me insane.

So he's doing well in I stop sending a support worker? Do I "what if" myself to death?

He's doing well in school. When do I let the school pull support? What are the consequences of failure if it doesn't work?

He stopped running out in front of traffic. When do I let him play outside with me watching from inside?

God, I'll never get through the big stuff (living alone??????) if I can't figure out a way to stop this small stuff from driving me insane.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


They're driving me nuts. It's funny how for days at a time everything is wonderful and then....kaput. Ok, they're not that bad but I am increasingly ready to send them to school.

Oh, and how's this for cute?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So things around here have been....busy. Not bad really just a bit crazy. Everyone is so excited. Besides, it's been a while since I've had to occupy Patrick all day every day. I think I've gotten soft while he's been attending school.

Christmas went well. We cheated for New Years and put the boys to bed at 10pm. So we sat quietly we two and watched a movie together (and cuddled of course). It was very nice to find that time to be quiet together. Very nice.

Happy New Year to everyone. I spent a few moments today thinking of and being thankful for each and every one of you who read and comment here on my blog.

So, 2008. Possibly new job for hubby. Bit of a change in routine if he has to travel for work. Gr.1 for Patrick. Summer wedding in hubby's family. Our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm taking a french class in the summer to brush up for my inevitable return to work. Adding a new foyer and front sitting room to our home and also adding a second bathroom (one gal, three do the math!).

Well, I managed to get online for a few minutes to post this while hubby and the boys watch a movie. I'll try and be back again soon...definately once school starts monday!